Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing

Ten percent of all those who work at WIKA Switzerland are in training. Their designation is “apprentice”. Currently, 30 young people are growing into nine different professions. For Forgotten , they are the future of the industry – the corporate commitment is correspondingly high.Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing. The individual training … Read more

These kinds associated with on-line wagering internet casinos normally offer unusual and repayment

Casino invariably is an internet version associated with typical casinos. Gambling dens a person go to, to learn black plug or perhaps cleanly position machines. Online gambling dens enable gamblers/players to playThese varieties of on-line wagering gambling dens normally offer you uncommon and repayment proportions that are related in order to land-primarily centered gambling dens. … Read more

Mineral-insulated cables – a core component for the construction of electrical thermometers

Mineral-insulated cable, often also abbreviated to MI cable, consists of a metal sheath and ceramic-insulated internal conductors. The ceramic is a metal oxide powder (standard material is MgO) with a purity of > 99.0%, which ensures the insulation of the internal conductors from each other and also the insulation of the conductors from the outer … Read more

Operation of a temperature dry-well calibrator

Dry-well calibrators are portable instruments for the easy on-site calibration of temperature measuring instruments. A temperature dry-well calibrator consists of an electrically heated or cooled metal block, an accurate temperature control and an internal reference with indicator for determining the block temperature. In the metal block is really a bore for accepting the insert. This … Read more

Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry with a universal instrument

Pressure monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry is a demanding task with a wide variety of requirements. However, a corresponding diversification in instrumentation does not have to be an inevitable consequence. This is demonstrated by the use of a universal process transmitter from WIKA in the production of API (“active pharmaceutical ingredients”).Such active pharmaceutical ingredients form … Read more

Cleaning of submersible pressure transmitters or level probes

If the specific pressure sensor design of the submersible pressure transmitter or level probe is selected to gauge the filling levels, this often means that the probe can be used under environmental requirements which may cause failure of common level sensors.The most unfortunate circumstances such as soiled media, abrasive ingredients and sludge when found in … Read more

Positive material identification test (PMI)

The positive material identification test – PMI test – serves as a proof of the alloying constituents present in the material, confirming the melting analysis of the material contained in the 3.1 certificate.There are two different test procedures common for thermowells:PMI test: X-ray fluorescence analysis of the thermowell stem1. PMI test: X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)X-ray … Read more

What’s meant by the ?change-over? switching function with pressure switches?

A pressure switch with the ?change-over? switching function represents a particular version of a pressure switch with two switching outputs acting oppositely to change two circuits. A ?change-over? closes one circuit and simultaneously opens another circuit. Thus a ?change-over? simultaneously fulfils the event of a ?normally open? in addition to a ?normally closed? contact. This … Read more