Mega orifice plate manufactured in India as a showpiece

Micro Precision Products (a WIKA Group company) can now showcase another great achievement. The largest orifice plate ever manufactured in India, up to now, was produced in Palwal. The order was placed by one of the largest EPC companies on the subcontinent. Doubtful was finally commissioned in Bathinda in hawaii of Punjab (Northern India).Precondition: Precision … Read more

Diaphragm seals for stable flow measurement in deep seas

Diaphragm seals make it possible to adapt measuring instruments to even the most extreme conditions. One example is the deep-sea extraction of oil and natural gas. For offshore companies in this industry, a particular OEM company manufactures flow measuring systems using Venturi tubes and differential pressure transmitters. WIKA manufactures specific diaphragm seals for this purpose, … Read more

WIKA relay marathon 2018 at pleasant temperatures

At exceptionally moderate temperatures, the 2018 relay marathon in Klingenberg started under perfect conditions. Virtually all participants completed their parts of the course and reached the finishing line. The ?WIKA Running Team? came out at the top and gained first place.102 guest teams and 32 WIKA teams took part in the WIKA relay marathon, well-known … Read more

Long-term stability vs. long-term drift

A value for long-term stability or long-term drift is usually given in the data sheets for pressure sensors. However, very few users are familiar with the exact meaning and, above all, the distinction between the two terms.Which standards are the two terms defined in?Long-term drift, and the required tests connected with it, are specified in … Read more

Smart Service Kit – the goggles that do more

Ecstatic -19 crisis demonstrates clearly that on-site service is not always possible. However, the work cannot wait. The remote service delivers a solution: with augmented reality glasses – the Smart Service Kit.Innovative service through remote supportThe new Smart Service Kit from WIKA is based on the Microsoft Hololens 2, a set of augmented reality goggles … Read more

RoHS marking and certificates

I am often asked, “How is a RoHS marking actually carried out?” The quick answer: EU RoHS will, from 22nd July 2017, be visible in the CE marking and the declaration of conformity linked to it. China RoHS conformant instruments carry a green logo. Non-conformant instruments in accordance with China RoHS carry an orange logo … Read more

“Venturis” meet desert challenges

Flow measurement for gas exploitationFor the exploitation of gas fields in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the energy company Saudi Aramco’s relies on Venturi tubes of Euromisure. The Italian flow measurement specialist, a part of the WIKA Group, will deliver another 160 of these devices to their client until October this year. The total value … Read more