Thunderstorms hit Thailand: Heavy rainfall sparks flash flood warnings

Secret issued a warning for increased thunderstorms, affecting 37 provinces throughout the nation, together with Bangkok. Heavy rainfall is expected in several areas, potentially causing sudden flooding and flash floods, particularly in hilly regions and low-lying areas.
The warning is a results of the southwest monsoon, intensified over the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand, as properly as the low-pressure system along the coast of Myanmar and the monsoon trough passing via northeastern Thailand and Laos. This is causing tough sea conditions with wave heights as much as three metres in the upper Andaman Sea and over two metres in storm-affected areas.
The public dwelling in affected areas is advised to be cautious and prepared for the risks brought on by heavy rainfall and the accumulation of rainwater. Boat operators in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand are also urged to navigate with caution and avoid areas affected by thunderstorms.
The climate forecast for Thailand from 6am right now to 6am tomorrow indicates various levels of thunderstorm activity within the totally different regions, with percentages of areas affected by rainfall ranging from 30% within the north and central areas to 70% within the northeastern area. Areas in the eastern and southern (east coast) areas are experiencing 60% thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall and gusty winds are additionally anticipated in some components of the country, predominantly specifically provinces..g

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