Thantawan Industry Plc targets eco-friendly merchandise for Thai BCG initiative

There’s a new eco-friendly initiative in Thailand. Thantawan Industry Plc, a leading plastic producer and developer of progressive products, is focusing on producing eco-friendly products in support of the Thai government’s bio-, circular, and green (BCG) economic growth initiatives.
The company’s rubbish bags, created from recycled plastic beads, and straws, that are created from biodegradable supplies, are aimed toward serving to Thailand better manage its plastic waste, according to Ekaphol Pongstabhon, the chief govt of Thantawan Industry. He said…
“We are the first Thai company to receive a green label from the Thailand Environment Institute for our Sunstraw Green PE. The label signifies this product helps the marketing campaign to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”
Green PE refers to bio-based polyethene made from sugar cane, a renewable uncooked materials, Bangkok Post reported.
Thantawan began launching green merchandise final year and will continue to develop new ones as the world turns into more and more knowledgeable of environmental issues.
Fast of environmentally friendly products is consistent with the company’s enterprise plans.
Currently, eighty to 85% of the company’s whole revenue comes from exports, while the rest is generated by sales in the domestic market. Ekaphol said…
“We will search new markets to extend our gross sales channels.”
Previously generally identified as Boltech (Thailand), Thantawan was established in 1978 as a producer and seller of plastic products with a registered capital of 2 million baht. The firm was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1994.
It produces various kinds of plastic merchandise, together with plastics for basic purposes, bioplastics, and compostable plastics.
The firm additionally develops anti-bacterial packaging and modified atmosphere packaging, which makes use of a know-how that can extend the shelf lifetime of packaged food products.
Thantawan’s interest in eco-friendly products is according to the government’s concentrate on business sustainability beneath the BCG idea..g

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